Job Description

We are looking for One On Air Personality

One Promoter and One Publicist in 

Providence Boston Philly & Miami 

This is a profit sharing opportunity.


On Air Personality

1.Work with local bands and artists./On Air Shout Outs

2.Work with local business owners./ On Air Shout Outs

3.Production of commercials promo's station ID's bumpers sweeper  Etc ...

4.Work with Promoter and Publicist


1.Promote one new band each day

2.Promote one new business each day

3.Off air interview reporting

4.Daily Social Media Network Marketing


2-4 Hours per week/5 days per week

Organizational skills are exceptionally important for this slot, as you will need to make and keep appointments, follow up regularly and stay in continuous contact with artists and advertisers.

1. Seek out and build relationships with unsigned local bands

2.Seek out and build local relationships with independent local comedians.

3.Seek out and build relationships with local business leaders.

4.Seek out and build relationships with local event organizers.

5.Form and nurture advertising relationships with local businesses.

6.Follow the local indie music scene and look for potential advertising opportunities.

7. Update personality and promoter daily a list of new businesses and bands that need on air shout outs.

8. Weekly articles to be posted on city blog page.